News & Updates

    • Speaker Vos Applauds Committee Work on the WISCONSIN Budget “This budget funds the main priorities of our state without raising taxes on Wisconsin families,” said Speaker Vos. “The governor claims his budget is the people’s budget but he’s ignoring the wishes of many Wisconsinites across the state.”
    • Statement: Attorney General’s Decision to Resolve Challenge to WI Law on Dues-Checkoff Authorizations “This is another blatant example of the partisanship at the helm of the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Our Attorney General is shirking his duty to defend state law in order to appease liberal interest groups. It's becoming clear Josh Kaul will undermine, not defend, state law."
    • Speaker Vos Announces Members of Adoption Task Force Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is announcing the members of the new Speaker’s Task Force on Adoption. The special bipartisan committee will focus on addressing the barriers facing biological and adoptive parents in the adoption process.
    • Statement on GOP Education Budget “This is a kid-friendly budget. We’re increasing funding of our public schools and building on last session’s historic investment that topped $11.4 billion. Our budget plan continues to ensure these dollars go directly into the classroom."
    • Statement: State Revenue Projections “Assembly Republicans are announcing our intentions to put these dollars toward providing tax relief, growing the rainy day fund and paying down debt. Now is not the time to go on a spending spree with one-time revenues. We refuse to spend in a way that we can’t afford."