News & Updates

    • State Assembly to Honor First Responders “It’s important that we honor our first responders who serve and protect our communities every single day,” said Speaker Vos. “We appreciate their dedication and would like to express our gratitude for putting their lives on the line for the safety of others.”
    • Statement: Democrats’ Constitutional Runaround “I take issue with the Democrats’ attack on the legislative maps that federal courts ruled constitutional. Their pursuit to overturn them was a waste of time and taxpayer money."
    • Speaker Vos Submits Testimony on Lottery Privacy Act “This bill is an effort to protect the integrity of our state lottery as well as the sanctity of a citizen’s privacy,” said Speaker Vos.
    • Speaker Vos Backs Bill to Support Families of Fallen Officers “No family whose loved one paid the ultimate sacrifice should have to worry about their own health insurance,” said Speaker Vos.
    • Statement: Biennial Budget At the very least, the final budget is no longer a liberal wish list; it’s a more fiscally responsible spending plan. Wisconsin has a good budget thanks to the Republican legislature.