News & Updates

  • Statement on Budget Recommendations “This is a good budget proposal but a work in progress."
  • Speaker Vos Kicks-off Year of Capitol Centennial Celebrations “For the last century, this beautiful building has been our state’s monument of democracy,” said Speaker Vos. “This is where democracy comes full circle, where the three coequal branches of government all work together to breathe life into our democracy in their own way.”
  • Assembly Republican Leaders Ask for New Highway Estimates “Taxpayers deserve to know how much a road is going to cost before it’s built,” said Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester). “Unfortunately, these miscalculations will probably confirm what many of us fear; our transportation fund is deeper in the red than we thought.”
  • Statement on WisDOT Audit “The legislative audit is yet another independent report that illustrates construction delays are driving up costs unnecessarily, our road conditions are only getting worse and a long-term solution is needed. It’s clear Wisconsin is trying to do too much with too little and taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth."
  • Statement on State of State Address “The state of the state is great and should make everyone proud. We have so much to brag about: our economy is strong, more people are working than ever before, we have excellent schools and Wisconsin is simply an amazing place to call home."
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