News & Updates

    • Statement: Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling on April 7 Election We agree with the state Supreme Court’s ruling that affirms the separation of powers spelled out in our Constitution. The state’s highest court has spoken: the governor can’t unilaterally move the date of the election.
    • Speaker Vos & Senator Fitzgerald on Governor's Special Session Call If the governor had legitimate concerns, we could have come to a bipartisan solution weeks ago. This discussion would have happened long before today. Unfortunately, it’s this type of feckless leadership Wisconsin has come to expect of the governor in the face of this crisis.
    • Statement: Decision on Photo ID Requirement for Absentee Voters “This decision is a victory for fair elections. A liberal Dane County activist clerk, who tried to break the law, had his hand slapped by a unanimous Supreme Court. It was completely inappropriate that the Dane County clerk was trying to use the pandemic for political gain."
    • Statement on Gov. Evers' Mail-in Ballot Election Request We’re united as a caucus in rejecting the governor’s request to upend the April 7th election. His last-minute scheme of a mail-in ballot election is logistically impossible and incredibly flawed. The governor’s idea is merely a statewide invitation for voter fraud.
    • Assembly Speaker Sets Priorities for Federal Assistance "The substantial federal allocation must be spent appropriately to help those who have been the most affected by this shutdown.”