News & Updates

    • Rep. Vos to Honor Officer John Hetland as First Responder of the Year “Officer Hetland is a hero who lost his life protecting others,” Rep. Vos said. “Despite being off duty when an armed robbery began, his dedication to duty prompted him to step in to try and thwart a crime.”
    • Effective Educational Program Ends Due to Governor Veto “Access to technology should not be a barrier to a student’s success. It’s clear that this program should be reviewed and revisited in the near future.”
    • New Analysis Shows GOP Cut Taxes by $13 Billion over Ten Years “Assembly Republicans have followed through on our promise to reduce taxes whenever possible,” said Speaker Vos. “Since 2011, we’ve lowered taxes every session that we’ve held the majority in the Wisconsin State Legislature.”
    • Rep. Vos Visits Newly Expanded Kansasville Grade School “Kansasville Elementary is a frugal school that has met the needs of its students,” Rep. Vos said. “It’s very exciting to see these improvements take shape, particularly how the grant money the legislature set aside for school safety is being used to improve security and keep students safe.”
    • State Assembly to Honor First Responders “It’s important that we honor our first responders who serve and protect our communities every single day,” said Speaker Vos. “We appreciate their dedication and would like to express our gratitude for putting their lives on the line for the safety of others.”