Republicans Support Teacher Loan Programs


MADISON - On Tuesday, the co-chairs of the state's budget-writing Joint Finance Committee (JFC), State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette), issued the following statement regarding the JFC Republican members' support for a New Teacher Loan Program and the Minority Teacher Loan Program:

"Teachers can play an incredibly important role in students' lives. Not only do they teach our children how to read and write, but they help instill in Wisconsin students the life skills necessary to grow into successful adults.

We heard from schools that can't recruit good teachers in high demand areas of instruction. Often, these same communities are where educational quality and leadership are needed the most.

Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) are making it easier to connect good teachers with communities in need by supporting two budget motions help future teachers repay their student loans.

The JFC revised the Teacher Loan Program. With the changes, aspiring teachers can reduce the financial burden of their student loans by up to 25% per year if they are effective teachers in a high demand field.  The Committee made similar changes to the Minority Teacher Loan Program to incentivize the development of minority teachers in high demand subject areas.  

We are proud to stand with our Republican colleagues on the JFC and vote in favor of these helpful loan programs; they will certainly be beneficial for aspiring teachers and students in Milwaukee."