Harsdorf Bill Encourages Growth of Paint and Sip Studios
Paint and sip studios are a new type of business that provide a unique entertainment venue where friends and family can get together and enjoy food and beverages while learning to paint.  These studios are looking to expand in Wisconsin, but current laws are making it difficult to do so in some communities.  In an effort to clarify our state’s laws and help encourage the establishment and expansion of these small businesses in Wisconsin, Senator Harsdorf has introduced Senate Bill 37.
Senate Bill 37 has two main provisions.  First, it will allow minors to be present at paint and sip studios without their parent present, allowing friends of any age to get together to paint at the studios, including for birthday parties and other special events held there. The bill will also clarify that these studios are eligible to obtain a liquor license, so they will be able to serve drinks to patrons of drinking age. The bill has been approved by committees in both houses of the Legislature and is scheduled for a vote on the floor of the State Senate this week.
There are already a few paint and sip studios in Wisconsin, including Cheers Pablo which recently opened in Hudson. The passage of this bill will help these popular businesses grow and be successful in our state.