December 17, 2015

Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) 

Representative Jim Ott (R-Mequon)


joint release 
Bill Targeting Repeat Drunk Drivers Gets Public Hearing
MADISON - Repeat drunk drivers won't be able to hide their crimes under a bill authored by Senator Alberta Darling and Representative Jim Ott.
On Thursday, the Assembly Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety held a public hearing on a bill to toughen the state's drunk driving laws and stop letting repeat drunk drivers off the hook. State Senator Alberta Darling says it's time to stop the revolving door for drunk drivers.
" Far too often we read in the news of people getting their 4th or 5th or even 10th drunk driving arrest," Darling said, "It's clear that we needed to improve the way we handle those crimes."
Assembly Bill 536 will eliminate the limits on prosecutors and increase penalties for multiple offenders. Current law prohibits prosecutors from counting some previous drunk driving offenses if they happened more than 5 years prior to the latest arrest. Drunk drivers often got off lightly for their crimes and didn't get the help they need to get sober. State Representative Jim Ott says it's time to end the lookback period.
"People who are getting their 4th and 5th DUI clearly need help and need to be taken off the road," Ott said, "This bill will help keep our streets safer and allow prosecutors to do their job."
Darling and Ott hope to have a vote on their bill early next year.