Testin: Column: An introduction to the Wisconsin Veterans Farm Bill of 2017 Senator Testin joins with three Assembly Representatives to pen a column explaining the merits of the Wisconsin Veterans Farm Bill, recently introduced in the legislature.
Vukmir, Sanfelippo: Victim Prevention Must be a Wisconsin Priority Our approach to criminal justice should be a two-pronged philosophy. Embracing alternatives to incarceration and ensuring violent repeat offenders are unable to victimize a community by removing these dangerous individuals from our streets is essential."
Tiffany Editorial: You’re Hired! "People want to make things in America again. As the world’s energy and technology demands change, nonferrous metals are becoming increasingly rare. Every Toyota Prius requires about 64 pounds of copper and it has to come from somewhere. I would rather have the mining take place in Wisconsin where we can regulate it, employ Wisconsinites, and have our schools and local governments reap the windfall. It is time to remove the mining moratorium."
Testin Editorial: Constituents Tell Compelling Stories "Last week, I stood with other state Senators from across the state and pledged to uphold the constitutions of both the United States and the state of Wisconsin. It was a humbling moment, and one that made me think about the events of the past year that had led to that point."
Tiffany: The Time is Now "With the election cycle coming to an end, it is time for Congress to tackle the looming gray wolf problem in the Great Lakes states."
Senator Stroebel Visits Every School District in 20th Senate District During my time as an elected official, I have always attempted to never lose sight of the importance of the next generation. As the parents of eight children, my wife and I have an acute interest, as we all do, in ensuring Wisconsin offers first rate educational opportunities for our youth. The next generation represents the future of this great state.
Fitzgerald: Wisconsin Needs Voter ID "From the national level downward, opponents of voter ID have cited ongoing legal battles as a reason to abandon attempts to keep identification requirements in place..."
Stroebel: Wisconsin Drivers are Taxpayers With Wisconsin’s overall tax burden still in the top 10, this is no time to be campaigning for higher taxes.
Cowles: Restoring Recycling Grants Proves Beneficial for Wisconsin Residents “Recycling in Wisconsin is not only important in waste reduction,” stated Senator Cowles, “but it makes economic sense. Building additional landfills or increasing the size of existing landfills should not be prioritized over revamping our successful recycling program.”
Cowles: More than 91,000 jobs available on Just this week, State Senator Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay) toured the Green Bay Job Center, met with Job Center staff and clients, and attended an update seminar on the new website.
Stroebel: Tenure at UW "The faculty should think of themselves less and the students more."
Cowles: Memorial Day, a Day of Remembrance “Every man and woman who has taken time to serve our country deserves our gratitude,” Cowles stated, “but some made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom. No matter how you celebrate your Memorial Day, please take some time to remember those brave soldiers and their families as you spend time with yours.”
Fitzgerald: This Memorial Day, Don’t Forget to Remember "This Memorial Day weekend, I encourage you to set some time aside to visit one of the numerous local memorial sites in your area to pay your respects and honor all of our fallen soldiers."
Fitzgerald: Legislative Republicans Combat Drunk Driving This week, Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill (AB) 657 and AB 455, two measures advanced by Legislative Republicans to help combat drunk driving in Wisconsin. This session, Republicans focused on long term solutions to our state’s OWI problem, advancing proposals to increase funding for treatment and stiffen penalties for repeat offenders.
Stroebel: Resisting the Call for a Higher Gas Tax "We all want good roads. Wisconsin’s manufacturing, service, agriculture, and tourism industries require well maintained roads to allow for the free movement of goods and people. Where the agreement ends is how we go about paying for these improvements."
LeMahieu: Modernizing Wisconsin's Elections "Do you have a valid state ID? Do you have access to the internet? Then you can register to vote."
Fitzgerald: Bipartisan effort aims to protect survivors of domestic abuse, stalking, and human trafficking The “Safe at Home” bill gives survivors and their families an opportunity to reengage in their communities and rebuild their lives by creating the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Address Confidentiality Program which will add a layer of safety for survivors and their families.
Fitzgerald Congratulates Hunters on Another Safe, Successful Season One of Wisconsin’s finest outdoor traditions continued this year as hunters took to the woods for another successful gun deer season. Both experienced sportsmen and 23,870 first-time hunters participated in this year’s season.
Sen. Mary Lazich: Legislature Should Give Schools the Tools to Keep Them Safe Do you believe Wisconsin public school teachers are threatened or physically attacked more than their peers across the nation? Do you believe Wisconsin does not have a system for reporting and tracking incidences?
Fitzgerald: Senate Seeks Scholars for Annual Program Each year, the Wisconsin Senate conducts an intensive program with a select group of students from throughout the state who are invited to the Capitol for a hands-on learning experience within the State Legislature. The Senate Chief Clerk is now seeking applications for student participants in the program.
Stroebel: A Pledge to Honor Our Veterans "As Americans, we must thank and celebrate our living veterans. Every November 11, we have such an opportunity."
Tiffany, Wanggaard: Transparency in John Doe Investigations a Must "John Doe investigations are, by definition, secret. In an era when candidates for office and the public are rightly demanding more transparency into government affairs, John Doe investigations seal away information about potential government corruption, and potential government overreach."
Marklein: Civil Service Reform, The Best Shall Serve the State Wisconsin created its civil service system in 1905 with the slogan, “the best shall serve the state.” The reason for creating a civil service system was to protect the taxpayers from cronyism and political pressures, regardless of who controlled state government. For years, the civil service system has achieved this goal.
Sen. Luther Olsen: Bill Will Make Car Travel Safer for Children "It is time our state law is updated to reflect current medical and safety guidelines. Parents across Wisconsin are trying to do the right thing and protect their children. Our legislation helps them do so."
Lemahieu: Senate Announces Economic Development Listening Tour This week Senate leadership announced a five-stop economic development listening tour. The Senate Economic Development and Commerce Committee will be traveling around the state to gather feedback from local stakeholders and Economic Development groups.
Fitzgerald: Fall Hunters’ Safety Tips This week marked the beginning of fall deer hunting with the opening of archery and crossbow hunting in Wisconsin. As the 2015 season continues through fall, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a variety of resources available for seasoned and aspiring hunters alike to ensure that all of Wisconsin’s sportsmen have safe and memorable hunts this fall.
Marklein: Roundabouts in Wisconsin Roads and transportation infrastructure are important investments in our communities. This year alone, the State Department of Transportation will spend over $3 billion on transportation needs. Taking a closer look at transportation in Wisconsin is essential.
Wanggaard: John Doe Law Reforms Needed to Protect Everyone "Senate Bill 43 preserves the John Doe process while making it more responsible by protecting constitutional rights. Constitutional rights aren’t partisan – and protecting them shouldn’t be either."
Fitzgerald: Improving Students’ Mental Health This School Year "This year, 30 Wisconsin schools will see an addition to the annual curriculum with the launch of the Wisconsin School Mental Health Project, a five-year program aimed at improving Wisconsin students’ emotional well-being and mental health."
Stroebel Editorial: TIF Districts Must Benefit All Taxpayers, Not Just Special Interests "In the world of government, there are many acronyms, and more and more we are hearing about a government acronym called TIF. TIF stands for tax incremental financing. TIF was designed as an economic development tool and has been around for many years."
Marklein Editorial: Wisconsin's Tax Code - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly "Wisconsin Republicans need to remember that we cannot message our way to prosperity. Prosperity is the result of conservative policies. After another session filled with bold conservative reforms we need to continue to work responsibly to deal with Wisconsin’s high tax burden."
Vukmir Editorial: Mental Health Reform, It’s Already Working "So, now we have professionals and not politicians making the important decisions when it comes to the mental health of our citizens, and that has already and will continue to drastically improve the overall well-being and finances of Milwaukee County."
Senator Moulton Column: New EPA Rules Impact Our State There has been quite a bit of talk lately about President Obama’s Clean Power Plan that he unveiled on August 3rd. The President’s plan is designed to decrease carbon emissions by more than 30% in the next 15 years. While this is a federal issue, it does have an impact on Wisconsin, so I’d like to explain the plan, as well as the arguments for and against it for you.
Stroebel: Stemming Wisconsin's Brain Drain "This loss of talent comes with consequences. This "brain drain" stunts entrepreneurial efforts, shrinks the tax base and ultimately hinders the state's overall ability to innovate and grow economically."
Senator Marklein Capitol Update: Agri-tourism - Seeing, Touching & Tasting Where Food Comes From "Fewer than one percent of the population of the United States live on farms. Many Wisconsinites are more than four generations removed from farm life. While we in the 17th Senate District are blessed to be surrounded by a strong agricultural heritage, there are many people in our communities who do not fully understand from where their food comes, the work involved in daily farm life and how their favorite products are produced. Agri-tourism is the answer."
Fitzgerald: Milwaukee Arena Deal Saves Bucks for Wisconsin "This plan is not only about the Bucks, and it is not only about Milwaukee. I have long said that as goes the City of Milwaukee, so goes the state."
Marklein Editorial: The State of Wisconsin's Credit Card "The budget that was just signed by Governor Scott Walker was good news for Wisconsin’s “credit card” in multiple ways. Not only did we budget to make full payments on past debt, but we created the lowest level of debt in 30 years. This is an extremely positive development for our state, and I’m hopeful we can continue these trends in the future."
Senator Fitzgerald: Public Input Crucial to Budget Passage The extensive public input we received played a significant role in shaping the document that we sent to the Governor’s desk."
Terry Moulton: The True Cost of the Bucks Arena "Unfortunately, when the current Bradley Center was built back in 1986, the state agreed to be responsible for the upkeep of the arena. Because of that agreement, the state is forced to be involved in any plans for the arena."
Marklein: Go Ahead and Leave, Milwaukee Bucks "Like many residents of the 17th Senate District, I have had very mixed feelings about the proposed deal to build a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks. I am not a Bucks fan. I don’t know a single player on the team. I can’t remember the last time I attended a game – or any event, for that matter – at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee."
Harsdorf: Remembering the Sacrifices of Those Serving our Country Memorial Day is a day for remembrance to honor the brave American soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom.
Marklein: Ice Cream for Breakfast in June In an editorial for Agri-View: "June is Dairy Month in Wisconsin; farms and agricultural groups are hosting Dairy Breakfasts on local farms throughout our state. On most Saturdays and Sundays in June, you’ll find dedicated volunteers cooking pancakes, scrambling eggs, providing tours of farms and scooping ice cream… for breakfast!"
Harsdorf: Celebrate June Dairy Month "Thanks to our state’s agricultural heritage, Wisconsin is known for its cheese and dairy products throughout the world. "
Fitzgerald: Wisconsin’s Biennial Budget Process Each year, about 1,600 bills are introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature. About 20 percent of these bills will make it all the way through the legislative process and be signed into law. But there is only one bill that we as legislators are required by law to pass: the Biennial State Budget.
Moulton: Proposed Bills Include EMT, Hunting Changes "As the Legislative Session enters its fifth month, I wanted to let you know about a few of the bills I have been working on. While the budget process attracts the most attention, many other proposals are making their way through the legislature. Here are some of the bills I’ve introduced and why I think they’re important."
Harsdorf: Include Clean Sweep in your Spring Cleaning Plans Clean Sweep events are great opportunities for residents to properly dispose of hazardous household and agricultural chemicals or prescription drugs, keeping them out of the trash and helping protect our environment.
Lemahieu: Education Remains a Top Priority Over the past few months I have heard from families, educators, and taxpayers throughout our community with their concerns about the future of education. I believe we have great public and private schools in the 9th Senate District, but we must make sure they continue to be strong and innovative.
Harsdorf: Honoring Those that Protect and Serve The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial (WLEM) is a statewide organization that strives to honor and remember Wisconsin law enforcement officers that have been killed in the line of duty. Today, WLEM held their annual memorial at the State Capitol to recognize the brave men and women in our state that endanger their lives every day in order to provide safety for everyone.
Moulton: Wisconsin has Some of the Greatest Fishing in the World Wisconsin's fishing season begins on Saturday and we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Governor's Fishing Opener on the Chippewa Flowage in Hayward
Wanggaard: Waiting Period for Guns is No Longer Needed "Legal firearm owners and potential victims of crimes across the state shouldn't be punished for the failure of Milwaukee's judicial system. And they don't need more hurdles to own a firearm. Stricter gun laws are not the answer to solving violent crime in Milwaukee. Enforcement of the current laws would be a good start."
Harsdorf Legislation Focuses on Reform, Modernization Several bills that I have authored this session received action in the State Legislature recently, including three bills that were signed into law by the Governor last week. As in past legislative sessions, most of the legislation I introduce is based upon input and suggestions I receive from area residents, small business owners, and local officials seeking to make state government more effective by eliminating unnecessary red tape and enacting commonsense reforms.
Harsdorf: UW and Business are Powerful Partners for Growth The Governor’s budget proposal for the University of Wisconsin System has sparked a debate on the role and mission of this world-class institution to our state. As policy makers discuss the implications of the current twoyear budget on the UW System, the decisions made in the coming months will have a lasting effect on our universities and colleges for years to come.
Harsdorf: Federal EPA Overreach Threatens Jobs, Family Budgets A recent wave of federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations are receiving significant attention in Wisconsin and in states across the country, due to their potential impact on the everyday lives of residents and on economic development.
Harsdorf: Legislature Begins Work on State Budget The State Legislature’s budget writing committee, the Joint Committee on Finance, formally began its work on the Governor’s budget proposal this week with briefings from state agencies.
LeMahieu: Support for Right to Work Legislation Right to Work boils down to a fundamental principle: Employees should have the right to choose whether or not they want to join and support a union.