Restore the Powers of the Attorney General

In December of 2018, during a lame duck extraordinary session,  Republicans passed a set of laws to limit the power of the newly elected Attorney General, Josh Kaul, in the middle of the night without input from the public. Since then, we've witnessed disruption and dysfunction caused by the lame duck laws passed against the will of the people of Wisconsin. Attorney General Kaul and the Joint Committee on Finance have attempted multiple times to navigate the changes in the law, however, the poorly thought-out legislation has resulted in the delay of important settlements and put the state at risk of losing hundreds of millions of dollars. 

The people of Wisconsin trust the Democratically-elected Attorney General to do his job and make the best decisions on behalf of the people of Wisconsin. The answer to the chaos caused by this unprecedented Republican power grab is to repeal their constraints on the Attorney General and let him settle cases without legislative interference.

Sign the petition and tell your legislator to repeal the lame duck laws tying the hands of the Attorney General!