Say No to More Corruption in Politics

Instead of working to strengthen the middle class and address the real challenges facing student, families and seniors in our state, Republicans have introduced a series of bills that will drastically weaken Wisconsin’s government accountability and campaign finance laws.

Campaign Finance Bill:

At a time when Wisconsinites already think there is too much money in politics, Republicans have introduced a proposal to open the floodgates for corporations to donate to political campaigns. The bill would weaken campaign disclosure laws, increase campaign contributions limits  and allow candidates to coordinate with special interest groups that keep their donors secret.

Government Accountability Board Bill:

Republicans have proposed eliminating the non-partisan state Government Accountability Board and replacing it with a group of hand-picked political appointees. This moves away from the current non-partisan oversight structure and makes it more difficult to investigate elected officials accused of state ethics and campaign violations.

John Doe Bill:

For over 165 years, the John Doe statute has been effective in bringing to justice legislators and public officials who have committed crimes in public office. This bill would make it impossible to conduct a John Doe investigation in cases of misconduct in public office, violations of campaign finance laws, standards of conduct for state and local officials and many other crimes in public office.

We need to focus on the issues that will bring our state together and strengthen our middle class. These misguided bills aren’t the priorities of hardworking Wisconsin families.


Sign the Petition to stand with Open Government in Wisconsin.


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