With no plan of their own, Republicans play politics with state’s COVID response

Madison, WI – “With no plan of their own to combat Wisconsin’s out-of-control COVID crisis, legislative Republicans once again took steps to undermine Governor Evers in today’s Joint Committee of Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) Executive Session. Unlike May’s court challenge, where handpicked conservative justices gave them their wish by overturning Safer at Home, today’s action was toothless and, quite frankly, pointless.

“It’s a pattern we’ve seen time and again from the least active full-time legislature in the nation during this pandemic. Do absolutely nothing, watch Governor Evers do something, complain about that something, and try to overrule it. Rinse and repeat.

“There are consequences to this do-nothing strategy. Wisconsin’s pandemic has spiraled out of control. As of Sunday, October 11th, we have experienced over 150,000 cases, 8,300 hospitalizations, and nearly 1,500 deaths. Since seizing control of the state’s pandemic response in court, Wisconsin Republicans have acted like the dog that caught the car. While they stand by and wonder what their claws and teeth are for, a semi-truck called COVID-19 is running roughshod over our state.

“We owe it to the 5.8 million surviving Wisconsinites to come to work now and hash out a robust, statewide, bipartisan response that puts science and safety over politics. Anything less and the majority party might as well just stay home and chase their own tails. One could scarcely notice the difference between that and what they’ve been doing these past six months.”