Today’s vote on Pandemic Legislation


“Today was an important day in the State Senate.  Not only did it mark the first time the Senate has met in virtual session, it passed necessary and important legislation to help our people better cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.


“However, it is clear from how long it has taken that the Republicans to act that they do not understand the magnitude and the gravity of what our state is facing.  As a result our ability to respond to the crisis has been delayed by weeks, while our workers, families, businesses, and farmers suffer.


“The good news is that this legislation will help thousands of workers get their unemployment insurance benefits sooner by repealing the one-week waiting period put in place by the Republicans under Scott Walker and it will help our state access additional and much-needed federal healthcare funds.  Unfortunately, t it does little to nothing for the people on the front lines, whether they are health care workers, first responders, those who are working in our grocery stores and food supply chain, or anyone else who is determined to be an essential worker.


“This must not be the only action we take. 


“The circumstances surrounding the pandemic are changing daily impacting the lives of everyone in our state.  The economic and health challenges our people are facing are unprecedented and will likely continue to change over time.  And we are unlikely to see life return to normal until we have a cure and a vaccine.  That fact alone means we will have a great deal more work to do to help the people of our state get through this crisis.


“Let’s hope it doesn’t take the Legislature another thirty days to act.”