To No One’s Surprise Republicans and Corporate Polluters Oppose DNR Rule to Prevent PFAS from Polluting Our Water

(Madison)—State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) responded to reports that the DNR has been forced to shelve tough limits on the release and disposal of toxic PFAS chemicals by corporate polluters like JCI/Tyco after Republicans in the Legislature opposed the proposed standards.

“Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise that the corporate polluters showed up in opposition to being held accountable for how they dispose of PFAS foams and the Republicans, as usual, did their bidding,” said Hansen who has been at the forefront of attempts to pass legislation that would hold corporate polluters accountable for their actions.

The rule that was proposed by the Natural Resources Board came about as a result of a law passed by State Representative John Nygren and State Senator Rob Cowles that was already criticized by Hansen and local citizens for not being strong enough to adequately protect ground and drinking water. Hansen voted against the law.

“I said when I voted against this law that it didn’t go far enough to protect my constituents from the damage being caused by JCI/Tyco and now, thanks to the Republicans and their corporate friends, it does even less.”

Given how the emergency rule system works it is likely the rule will go into effect without any standards in place at all.

“I’ve said all along that this effort was nothing more than an effort to give Republican politicians cover during an election year and that when all was said and done nothing will really change. Unfortunately, it appears that I was right.”

Hansen introduced the CLEAR Act, considered by many to be one of the most comprehensive bills in the nation to address PFAS pollution. That legislation did not receive the support of a single Republican legislator. After spending months on a compromise, the bill died on the last day of session when its coauthor, Rep. Nygren failed to get enough support to bring it to a vote.

“More people will see their health jeopardized as a result of the actions of Republicans in the Legislature. But the corporate polluters will be happy. Apparently that’s all that matters.”