Senator Larson launches statewide petition demanding the legislature reconvene to take action on Wisconsin’s multiple concurrent crises

MADISON, WI - Today, GOP leadership refused to act on Governor Tony Evers’ special session on police reform. They have also refused to convene on the other major issues facing Wisconsin since April 15th. In response, State Senator Chris Larson has launched a statewide petition demanding the legislature meet to take action on our state’s multiple concurrent crises. Said Larson:

“If Republicans lawmakers refuse to listen to peaceful protesters, the Governor, or even our state’s biggest sports teams, perhaps they will listen to the voices of their constituents. Wisconsin - like the rest of our nation - is in crisis, and it is well past time for our legislature to act. If we’re going to fight this pandemic, reform our police departments, address economic despair in our communities, or open our schools safely this year, we need to get to work right away in a bipartisan fashion.” The petition calls for immediate action on four key areas:

1. The COVID-19 Pandemic

2. Racial Equity in Policing

3. Economic Despair and Unemployment

4. Emergency Funding for K-12 and Higher Education

The full petition, as well as links to existing legislation designed to address these issues, can be found on Senator Larson’s website: