Senator Janis Ringhand statement on Dr. Birx visit to Wisconsin

State Senator Janis Ringhand (D-Evansville), welcomed federal COVID-19 Task Force member Dr. Birx to Wisconsin.

“My hope is that Dr. Birx brings a plan and a dose of common-sense to the Republican leadership here in Wisconsin.

So far, the Republican legislative leadership in Wisconsin has spent nearly $2 million taxpayers money on high-end attorneys to overturn Governor Evers attempts to get the virus under control, save lives and keep us safe. It has been 190 days since the legislature last met and all we’ve gotten from Republican legislative leaders is partisanship and lawsuits.

Their partisan and reckless response to the pandemic has contributed to the increase in deaths, hospitalizations and the spread of COVID-19 throughout Wisconsin. I think that it is time for Republican legislative leaders to come to grips with their failed response and reveal their plan for keeping people safe during the pandemic.”