Senator Hansen Statement in Response to Supreme Court Decision 

Congratulations workers! Thanks to the corporate controlled State Supreme Court you’re going back to work whether you feel safe or not. Because now that they have repealed the Safer at Home order if your employer calls you back to work and you don’t feel safe you will lose your unemployment.


In a decision that comes as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the Republican, corporate-controlled State Supreme Court a majority has decided to put profits over the lives of workers, customers and their families.


Also in a move that is as no surprise, they abandoned their own values to do the bidding of their corporate donors.  Judicial activism is alive and well on the state’s highest court when it comes to doing the bidding of their corporate overlords.


Perhaps those who believe people’s lives are more important than corporate profits should begin the process of recalling those justices who, once again, did the bidding of their corporate benefactors at the expense the people.