Statement in Response to Area Assembly GOP Press Conference on “Re-opening”

“Today’s press conference at an Appleton dairy by Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke and area Assembly Republicans to call for regional re-opening at a time when Brown County is seeing the fastest increase in COVID-19 cases is as dangerous as it is tone deaf.


“Not one person speaking at their press conference was a health expert.  Not one person there seems to understand that just because some parts of the state aren’t showing significant numbers of cases doesn’t mean there aren’t more cases than are known.  Not one of them seems to care that re-opening those areas could lead to significant spikes in cases and overwhelm smaller, rural hospitals leading to needless loss of life.


“They also don’t seem to care that the majority of people in this state do not want to re-open now.  Nor do they care about the predicament they are going to put workers in by forcing them to choose between keeping their job and protecting their lives and the lives of their families.


“No life is expendable.  No person should be forced back to work before it is safe to do so.


“The fact that these so-called “pro-life” Republicans are so eager and willing to risk the lives of thousands of their constituents calls their judgment and motive into serious question.”