Justice Roggensack’s comments show she is unfit to serve

“As Brown County continues to increase at the fastest rate in the state, Justice Roggensack’s comments that workers at meat packing plants “are not regular folks” are as dangerous as they are insulting, demonstrating a sense of elitism and ignorance one might expect from our current president but not from a justice on our Supreme Court.


“Her comments also show a complete lack of knowledge or understanding of just how transmittable the coronavirus is which makes her judgment dangerous to those who will soon be forced back to work when she and the other activist Republican justices are expected to rule against Governor Evers’ Safer at Home order.


“Justice Roggensack’s comments show her to be unfit to serve on the state’s highest court.  At the very least she should recuse herself from any and all decisions related to challenges to Governor Evers’ order.”