Republicans Refuse to Work Across the Aisle

(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement on the Republican legislator’s partisan refusal to work across the aisle with their colleagues in the legislature and the governor:

“The Do-Nothing Republican Legislature has deliberately refused to work with Governor Evers since even before he took office. In the winter of 2018, the legislature and outgoing Republican governor coordinated a blatant power grab through a lame duck session to weaken the powers of the executive branch, rather than work together with an executive from the other party.

“Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos never wanted to work with Governor Tony Evers. From day one, they have taken every effort to oppose his initiatives and proposals because they knew that he would work to address the unfulfilled needs of the people of Wisconsin.

“Republicans talk about the checks and balances between branches of government now that there is a Democratic governor. They say that they just want the governor to work with them, even while they have ignored or even completely cut their Democratic colleagues in the legislature out of the legislative process, and undermine the Governor at every opportunity.

“Wisconsinites can see through the lies, and have become frustrated and angry as a result of the Republican-controlled legislature’s dereliction of duty. I hope and pray that next session will be different, the people of Wisconsin deserve better.”