Republicans Fail to Protect our Communities, Ignore Calls for Racial Justice

MADISON – Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson (D – Milwaukee) made the following statement regarding last night’s shooting in Kenosha and the refusal by legislative Republicans to listen to calls for change:

“I woke up this morning sick to my stomach, and angry that more life has been lost and injuries sustained while Republicans sit idle. This is what it looks like when my Republican colleagues fail to do their job, and when they choose politics over people’s lives by refusing to enact legislation that is readily available simply because it was written by ‘liberals.’

“Our cities are on fire because of the systemic racism built into the very systems that are supposed to preserve and protect us. Yet, when these sinful misdeeds are inflicted upon Black and brown communities, my Republican colleagues blatantly look the other way. People of color are asked to ‘exhale’ or ‘wait for an investigation’ or participate in an empty task force where those in control of the Legislature will choose to ignore the recommendations.

“Jacob Blake is paralyzed from seven gunshot wounds to the back, and those officers sworn to serve and protect were heard on video thanking the very militia who might be responsible for shooting three people last night, two of which are deceased.

“The question for us, Wisconsin, is when are we going to make Republicans do their jobs, or do we continue to sit idly by and watch this state burn to the fucking ground?”

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