Republicans Break Their Promise to Provide 2/3 Funding for Public Schools

Senate Republicans had an opportunity to make good on their promise to restore the state’s commitment to provide 2/3 funding for our public schools and cut property taxes.  Instead they chose to break that promise when they opposed Governor Evers’ plan to use surplus revenue to increase state funding for the state’s public schools.

“The action by Senate Republicans blocked over $10.6 million in additional funding for our local schools in the Green Bay area alone.  In voting against the plan Senate Republicans also blocked a $130 million property tax cut.

“Recent research from the Wisconsin Budget Project shows that by the end of 2021 our public schools will have received nearly $4 billion less in state funding than they would have if state funding had remained at 2011 levels.

“Given these massive cuts to our public schools it should come as no surprise that student ACT scores have declined steadily and fewer than half of high school juniors are college ready.

“It’s unfortunate that, like keeping their promises, our kids’ education is not a priority for Senate Republicans.”