Legislative Reference Bureau Sets The Record Straight - Emergency Order #3 is Enforceable

MADISON – According to a follow-up memo from the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau, Governor Evers’ Emergency Order # 3 is enforceable from now until November 6th and would only become unenforceable if a court issues an order enjoining the Department of Health Services.

“Yesterday, Senator Fitzgerald, Speaker Vos and Senator Nass tried to imply that this order is unenforceable,” State Senator Janet Bewley noted, “but that’s just not true. The public deserves better than these underhanded attempts to undo every action Governor Evers has taken to keep people safe. We are seeing record numbers of COVID-19 infections across our state.”

“The Republican Leaders of the Legislature have been to court more times than they have been to the floor since this pandemic hit. They have abdicated their responsibility. Instead of legislating, they have chosen to spend their time litigating.”

“Despite their rhetoric, Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos have refused to work with Governor Evers to address this crisis. The people of Wisconsin deserve better. If the Republicans in the Legislature aren’t going to step up and try and help, they should stop getting in the way of Governor Evers and Secretary Designee Andrea Palm, who are fighting every day to stop the spread of Covid-19.”