For the sake of Wisconsin’s schools, state legislators urge U.S. Senate Delegation to pass the HEROES Act

Milwaukee, WI – Yesterday, State Senator Chris Larson and 33 other legislative Democrats sent a letter to Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate delegation, urging them to pass the HEROES Act. This comprehensive bill, which passed the House of Representatives nearly 3 months ago, would provide much-needed relief to state and local governments. In turn, this aid would allow Wisconsin’s public schools to reopen more safely, giving our students the best chance to succeed in these uncertain times. Senator Larson released the following statement:

“Our 850,000 public school children want to learn, and would like to return to their school buildings as soon as possible. To make that happen safely, it will take an enormous infusion of funds which our State simply does not have the capacity to provide. Already this year, Governor Evers has had to ask agencies to cut $320 million from approved budgets, and even that sobering figure may not be enough.

“We had hoped our appeal for more funds from the Federal Government would be a bipartisan one. Unfortunately, not a single legislative Republican signed on. Previously, 47 of them sent a letter to school districts pressuring them to reopen for full in-person instruction. We can’t have one without the other. Either we get the resources necessary to do it safely, or in-person instruction will be over almost as soon as it starts, with outbreaks of COVID-19 we won’t have the capacity to contain. A school district in Indiana has already experienced this firsthand, on the very first day of classes.

“COVID-19 has touched us all, and many Wisconsin families are barely hanging on. If Congress fails to pass the HEROES Act, the harm to our communities will be devastating.”