Weekly Democratic Radio Address:
"It’s time to expand Medicaid and put Wisconsinites first"

MADISON, WI – Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) offered the Democratic weekly radio address highlighting the benefits of Governor Evers’ plan to accept the federal funds available to expand Medicaid for 82,000 people in Wisconsin. 
The audio file of this week’s address can be found here: 


A written transcript of the address is below: 

“Hi, this is state Senator Jon Erpenbach.


“Governor Evers is proposing a Medicaid Expansion in his state budget that will provide 82,000 Wisconsinites with quality affordable health care while saving the state 300 million dollars.


“Expanded Medicaid, and that money, means:


  • We can lower the cost of prescription drugs.
  • We can increase the reimbursement rates to nursing homes who are closing their doors around the state.
  • We can eliminate the waiting list for the children’s long term support program.
  • We can also properly address the opioid and meth epidemic in Wisconsin.
  • And, we can expand and create programs focused on tobacco prevention, dental initiatives, and infant mortality prevention.


“For our communities this is not a partisan issue. A recent Marquette poll shows that accepting federal Medicaid expansion is support by 62 percent of Wisconsinites, yet Republicans ignore their wishes – that means we’ve missed out on 1.1 billion dollars so far.


“It is time for Wisconsin to join 37 others states in accepting the Medicaid expansion and putting Wisconsinites first.”