The Inauguration of Governor Evers Signals a New Era for Wisconsin

Milwaukee - Today, Senator Larson released the following statement regarding the inauguration of Governor Tony Evers


“Today the inauguration of Governor Tony Evers is a celebration of the strength of Wisconsin’s diversity and the beginning of a brand new era for our state. No longer will we be bogged down by the divide and conquer politics of our past. Governor Evers ran a campaign based around bringing people together, moving Wisconsin forward, and doing away with the petty divisions that have kept us separated and in his inaugural speech he reaffirmed that promise.


“As Governor Evers said, “what’s best for our kids is what’s best for our state. And that means we need to fully fund our public schools at every level, so that every kid in our state has access to a quality education—no matter what the zip code—from all-day pre-K to our university and technical college systems.” We can now look forward to a new era in Wisconsin politics where public education is again given the resources it desperately needs through a balanced education funding formula that doesn’t make winners and loser out of children depending on their community. We can look forward to a Wisconsin with expanded 4K to put all our children on a path to success.

“I am very hopeful that we can work together with the Evers administration to finally tackle the problem of drunk driving. We must be innovative with our solutions. This includes making sure anyone convicted of an OWI has to install an interlock device in their vehicle, better use of diversion courts, and prioritizing treatment.

“We must also advance our approach to criminal justice reform. The racial disparity in our prison population, the number of people we are incarcerating, and the millions of taxpayer dollars spent on corrections is untenable. We must adopt a restorative model to help those who made a mistake reintegrate into our community. We must be smart on crime, not just pretend to be tough on crime.

“I echo Governor Evers’ sentiment when he said, “We cannot fix these problems unless people come before politics. We’ve become paralyzed by polarity and we’ve become content with division. We’ve been indifferent to resentment and governing by retribution.” Our challenges are greater than any one individual politician, or fealty to any party, they are about the people of Wisconsin and we owe them a government that works.