The GOP Budget: Wisconsinites Pay More to Get Less

(MADISON) Today Governor Tony Evers, along with Secretary-Designees and Legislative Democrats, stood in opposition to the Republican budget proposal. As Republicans prepare to pass a budget that in far too many areas forces Wisconsinites to pay more to get less, Democrats are speaking out in opposition to the GOP’s misplaced priorities.


According to a Department of Revenue analysis, Wisconsin taxpayers will pay $1 billion a year to support the Medicaid expansion in other states. In other words, over the biennium, Republicans are asking Wisconsinites to make a $2 billion donation to expand coverage in other states, while receiving no financial benefit or return. As Wisconsin residents are begging for common-sense policies to help them get by, Republicans continue to do the opposite.


Their refusal to expand Medicaid is not the only place in the budget that contains handouts to other states while hurting Wisconsinites. By letting out-of-state drivers off the hook for paying for our infrastructure, Republicans are simply kicking the can down the road instead of correcting 8 years of policies detrimental to our state.


Plain and simple, the Republican budget is fiscally irresponsible. As Republicans continue to peel away and speak out against their own proposals, I am hopeful that our communities will get the investments that have lacked over the past 8 years. It is time that we stop making Wisconsinites pay more to get less. It’s time to pass the People’s Budget.

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