Senator Hansen Thanks Governor Evers’ for Putting Non-Partisan Redistricting Plan in Budget


“There are few issues that are so critical to the functioning of and citizen support for state government than eliminating gerrymandering from our redistricting process.  That is why I have spent so much time fighting to pass non-partisan redistricting legislation.


“Non-partisan redistricting enjoys immense public support across all party lines. 


“Yet, Republicans have refused to even give legislation to create a truly non-partisan redistricting process a public hearing.  They refused because they know that their power in the Legislature only exists because they were allowed to rig the district lines in a way that would guarantee their majority status regardless of the wishes of the voters.


“That is why Governor Evers’ decision to put non-partisan redistricting in the budget is so important and such welcome news.  Governor Evers’ decision represents the first step toward restoring competitiveness and fairness to our elections and returning state government to one that truly represents the people.


“Governor Evers’ announcement today is keeping in that spirit and his promise to bring real change to our state.”