Statement from Senator Hansen: Governor Evers Makes the Best Out of a Budget full of Missed Opportunities

“After travelling the state and listening to the people governor Evers introduced a budget that was very much for and made by them.  His budget had a bold vision for our state that not only sought to turn the page on the negligence of Scott Walker and the Republicans over the last eight years, but also to move our state forward in a way that benefitted all Wisconsin residents, not just the wealthy and privileged few.


“Unfortunately, the Republicans in Madison haven’t gotten over the fact that the voters rejected Scott Walker in favor of a Governor who promised to put their needs first.  Rather than work with Governor Evers they chose to ignore or outright reject many of his initiatives resulting in a flawed budget that falls short of the investment needed to provide the types of opportunity Wisconsin residents and their families need to improve their quality of life.


“Fortunately, Governor Evers put aside partisan politics and instead use his veto power in a way that improved the overall budget and even significantly increased funding for our public schools.


“Now that this budget has become law I would encourage my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to put away childish things and find ways to work with Governor Evers for the good of all the people of our state.”