Shilling welcomes incoming Senator Smith


MADISON, WI – Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) welcomed newly elected Senator Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) and returning members to the legislature at the inauguration of the 104th Session of the State Legislature.


“As the new Senate Democratic Leader, I welcome all of the returning and newly-elected legislators as we begin the 2019-2020 legislative session,” said Sen. Shilling. “I especially want to welcome our newest Democratic member to the State Senate. I know that Senator Smith will be a strong articulate voice for his constituents and bring thoughtful new ideas to the table this session.”


“This legislative session is a new opportunity to start fresh, rebuild relationships and find commonsense solutions to the challenges we face,” added Shilling. “Senate Democrats are united in our goal to stand up for working families, strengthen our communities and build a brighter future for our state. I look forward to working with all of my colleagues on pro-growth policies that invest in our communities, expand economic opportunities and provide families with greater freedom and security.”


Information on Senator Smith can be found below:


Senator Jeff Smith is beginning his first term in the State Senate after serving in the Wisconsin State Assembly during the 2007 and 2009 legislative sessions. Senator Jeff Smith has worked tirelessly in his community on public education opportunities, health care access and affordability, redistricting reform, and protections for clean air, land and water.


Prior to being elected to the Senate, Jeff served on the Brunswick Town Board as Chair for 6 years. He was active with the Governor’s Task Force for Educational Excellence, the Wisconsin Parent Teacher Association Board, the Department of Public Instruction’s Parent Leadership Corps and the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools.