Shilling praises Gov. Evers Healthy Women, Healthy Babies Proposal


MADISON – Governor Evers and Democratic legislators are pushing to improve better birth outcomes and increase access to women’s health care services. In his 2019-2021 State Budget, Gov. Evers announced he plans to create an Infant Mortality Prevention Program to strengthen local efforts to address infant mortality and support first-time mothers at high risk for poor birth outcomes. Additionally, the provision will extend Medicaid post-partum eligibility for women receiving coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).


“It is a horrible fact that here in Wisconsin we have the worst racial disparities for infant mortality in the nation,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “As a mom of two boys, I know that necessary health checkups don’t stop once the baby is born and that parents face many challenges in the first year after birth. I want to ensure that all moms in Wisconsin have access to quality health care so babies are born healthy and stay healthy.”


Gov. Evers’ plan will also reinstate Title X funding that is designated for comprehensive, evidence-based contraception and reproductive health services. It will also increase funding for the Wisconsin Well Women Program that provides preventative health screenings to women who are 45-64 years old with limited health insurance coverage. Under the previous administration the program was drastically reduced and is not currently available in every county.


“It is refreshing to have a Governor who is committed to protecting the rights of all women to make their own health care decisions, improving birth outcomes for families, and expanding access to reproductive services,” said Shilling. “Women make hundreds of decisions every day and they should feel empowered to make the most personal decisions about their health without interference from politicians. Any woman can tell you that birth control isn’t ‘one size fits all,’ so this effort to expand access to personalized care is a win for women and families. No matter where you live, everyone should have access to lifesaving screenings and preventative health care.”


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