Senator Erpenbach Attends Bill Signing Honoring Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch

WEST POINT – On Tuesday, November 19, Senator Erpenbach and Representative Considine joined Governor Evers for the signing of Assembly Bill 77, the Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch Memorial Highway Bill. In attendance was the family of SSG Daniel D. Busch, including his widow, Traci Winius, his son, Mitchell, his mother, Ginny Johnson, and his cousin Brian Wheeler, Brian’s wife, Staci, and their kids, Sidney and Walker.

Introduced by Senator Erpenbach and Representative Considine, the bill directs the Department of Transportation (DOT) to designate 9.5 miles of State Highway 33 that lie in the 81st Assembly District and the 27th Senate District as the Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch Memorial Highway, and publically honors the service and heroism of a young veteran who gave his life for his country.

The bill was passed through the Senate and the Assembly with bipartisan support and was signed into law by Governor Evers at a ceremony this morning. Senator Erpenbach gave the following statement:

“Staff Sergeant Daniel D. Busch is an American hero, who gave his life to protect his fellow U.S. Army Rangers in Mogadishu, Somalia on October 3, 1993,” said Senator Erpenbach. “He was a man of tremendous character and integrity who deserves to be honored. Thank to our veterans such as SSG Busch, we are able to maintain our freedom and safety here in our country, and I am glad that we are publically honoring the service of this Wisconsin hero.”