Sen. Ringhand Statement on Capital Budget


On March 20 the Wisconsin Building Commission meet to approve the 2019-21 Capital Budget. The Building Commission has met and fulfilled this duty since it was established in 1949 to oversee the planning, improvement, major maintenance and renovation of state facilities. Below is Senator Ringhand’s statement on the Commission’s action.


“Every one of the 82 recommendation in Governor Evers Capitol Budget passed unanimously in subcommittee. On Wednesday, the same Republican members who voted yes earlier in the week voted no on all 82 projects. As a result of their actions, funding to replace, repair, or expand state facilities will not be sent to the Joint Committee on Finance for its consideration.


This is plain and simply partisan politics at its worst. This action degrades a 70 year old process and irreparably harms this institution. Republicans didn’t like the results of last November’s election. It’s time for them to get over it. The people of Wisconsin spoke and voted for a change. The candidates I backed in 2010, 2012, and in 2014 didn’t win the Governor’s race but it didn’t stop me from doing the job my constituents elected me to do. Wisconsin has some of the worst roads in nation as a result of Republicans kicking the can down the road instead of making a commitment to fix them. Now they have turned their attention to making sure our state owned buildings and facilities get the same treatment. It’s is truly a shame that my Republican colleagues are more concerned about securing a partisan advantage than investing in our State or University buildings and facilities. It seems the only thing Republican’s want to build is a wall.”