Senator Erpenbach Supports Governor Evers’ Call for Special Session

WEST POINT - This morning Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order calling a special session for November on legislation to address both universal background checks for firearms and extreme risk protection orders. Republicans have refused to take any action on this important issue, so with this announcement the Governor is sending a message that he is ready to move gun safety reform forward, and protect our communities and our state.

While the majority of gun owners are law abiding, there are loopholes that need to be closed, and commonsense legislation that needs to be enacted to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.

Senator Erpenbach released the following quote:

“Wisconsin is not free from gun violence, which is why 80% of Wisconsinites agree that it is time to enact gun safety measures. Within my own district there was a workplace shooting not long ago, yet Republicans have continued to not take any action to address this epidemic. We cannot afford to continue to ignore this issue and allow innocent people to die at the hand of firearms. It is time to do what is right to protect our communities and families.”