Republican’s Fail to allow Debate on Gun Bills

Madison – The failure of the Republican-controlled legislature to even allow debate on the issue of gun violence and its effects on public safety is an abdication of leadership.

Marquette polling has consistently shown that over 75 percent of Wisconsinites of all political backgrounds support universal background checks and red flag laws as a means of ensuring public safety.

Government should be about promoting public safety and doing what is right. After eight years of Scott Walker and his radical right-wing agenda I was hopeful that under divided government Republicans would finally be willing to debate issues with strong public support.  Dealing with gun violence is such an issue.

Admittedly, it takes courage to stand up to the NRA and other special interests. Until voters statewide elect courageous legislators willing to reflect the will of the public, it appears Wisconsin will continue to turn a blind eye on one of the most pressing issues facing society today.