Republican Budget Misses Mark


MADISON – A day after the GOP budget proposal passed through the Assembly, Senate Republicans voted to send the bill to Governor Evers. The GOP budget contained several differences compared to the one that passed through the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) in order to satisfy even more special interest groups at the expense of Wisconsinites. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats introduced several amendments to keep intact key proposals in the People’s Budget, including investing in schools, increasing access to affordable health care, and ensuring that Wisconsinites have access to clean drinking water. Unfortunately, Republicans voted against these common-sense proposals and against the communities that they represent.


“It is a sad day for Wisconsin, because the budget that is on its way to Governor Evers’ desk is incredibly disappointing compared to what he originally introduced,” said Senator Erpenbach. “Republicans chose to reject bringing home 1.2 billion of your federal dollars a year to expand Medicaid; slashed school funding compared to the People’s Budget, including special education by 83%; deleted provisions to ensure access to clean drinking water; and provided less tax relief to Wisconsinites in order to protect massive tax giveaways to the wealthy. These are some examples of the many missed opportunities in this budget. We need bold, innovative solutions in order to make Wisconsin a place where future generations want to work and live – the Republican budget misses the mark.”