JFC Republicans Cancel Last-Minute Meeting in another Display of Lame Duck Dysfunction

MADISON, WI - Today, after adding a second Joint Finance Committee meeting to the schedule with barely 24 hours of notice, the Republicans on the committee cancelled the meeting due to their own dysfunctional lame duck laws. This came in a brief announcement from the JFC Co-chairs after a drawn-out meeting where JFC Republicans created new hoops for state agencies to jump through in almost every request for funding. The second meeting was initially called in order to approve more settlement agreements proposed by Attorney General Josh Kaul.

This unworkable process was manufactured by Republicans in their lame duck Extraordinary Session and signed into law by former Governor Walker as 2017 Wisconsin Act 369. The changes this act made prevent the Attorney General from efficiently and effectively settling complex cases of litigation with significant consequences for our state and for taxpayers.

In response to the Republican Co-Chairs’ continued political games and dysfunction, the Democratic members of the Committee released the following statement:

“It’s a shame that Republicans legislators would rather spend time keeping the democratically elected Attorney General from doing his job and kneecapping state agencies with unnecessary reporting requirements than doing the work of the people of this state. Not only were their lame duck laws a clear abuse of power, we are seeing firsthand that they are impossible to implement. The people elected Attorney General Kaul because they trusted him to fulfill the duties of the position, not because they wanted Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee to interfere at every step of the way.

After last week’s disarray and this week’s last-minute meeting cancellation, Republicans cannot keep doubling down on their ill-conceived laws. The people of this state deserve an Attorney General with the power to seek justice and settle cases as they see fit, not more dysfunction at the hands of power-hungry politicians.”