JFC Democrats Applaud Governor’s Efforts to Restore the People’s Budget

(MADISON)-Today, Governor Tony Evers signed the 2019-2021 biennial budget, using his constitutionally granted veto pen to invest in the priorities of the people of Wisconsin. After eight years of failed policies under Republican leadership, Governor Evers and legislative Democrats succeeded in setting the budget agenda and pushing Republican legislators to make investments in schools, transportation, and tax cuts for the middle class. While Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) are disappointed that Republican legislators refused to fully embrace the People’s Budget, this budget is a start and will reset our state’s direction to a brighter future for all.


“The people of Wisconsin deserved more from this budget,” said Senator Erpenbach, (D-West Point). “The Republicans refused to come to the table during the budget deliberations and never once negotiated with Democrats. Despite this, it is clear that Democrats still succeeded in pushing policies forward that matter to Wisconsinites and will continue to do just that.”

“Throughout this budget process Republicans tried to keep pace with the leadership and initiatives of Governor Tony Evers,” said Representative Goyke (D-Milwaukee). “A state budget reflects the will of the people and is a moral document. It took the election of a Democrat, Governor Tony Evers, to make the vital investments in every community across the State that we are over this biennium. The work continues and I stand with Governor Tony Evers.”


“Unlike the Republicans who were in charge over the last eight years, Governor Evers actually listened to Wisconsinites to craft the People’s Budget,” stated Representative Taylor (D-Madison).  “Governor Evers set the budget agenda and drove the policies that most matter to the people of our state. And though Republicans failed to rise to the occasion, Governor Evers was able to use the power of his veto to do as much as he could to accomplish the priorities of Wisconsinites and fulfill his promises to the people. This is a major first step, and Democrats will continue to fight for the people’s priorities going forward.”    


“The people of Wisconsin voted for a governor who was going to fight for our shared values, like investing in education and health care” said Senator Johnson (D-Milwaukee). “I’m proud of Governor Evers for putting forward a bold vision for Wisconsin, ultimately resulting in a budget that will allow for ongoing conversations on how we can create strong, prosperous communities.”