Healthy Herd, Healthy Hunt Initiative

LA CROSSE, WI – With the continued spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), Democratic legislators are introducing legislation to provide additional resources for testing, research, and CWD management. The package of bills, known as the Healthy Herd, Healthy Hunt, would fund convenient carcass testing and disposal methods throughout the state so every hunter in Wisconsin will be able to help prevent the spread of CWD. Currently, 56 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have seen reported cases of CWD.


“Wisconsin’s wildlife and sporting tradition is an iconic and invaluable part of the Coulee Region’s heritage,” said Senator Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “The spread of CWD is a serious threat to Wisconsin’s deer herd, which limits hunting opportunities and impacts the tourism industry in communities throughout our state. In rural Wisconsin, a successful deer season translates to robust business for rural restaurants and hotels and communities. Democrats want to ensure the preservation of Wisconsin’s wildlife and sporting heritage for future generations and these bills are an important step in the right direction.”


Building off of the efforts by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, this legislation seeks to expand the successful funding the Adopt-a-Kiosk and Adopt-a-Dumpster programs. As a co-sponsor of these bills, Senator Shilling is supportive of the package of bills designed to:

  • LRB 0293 – Prioritize funding for CWD research and management.
  • LRB 3300 – Invest in additional CWD testing kiosks.
  • LRB 4072 – Expand access to carcass disposal sites/dumpsters.