Governor Evers’ Announcement of State Funding to Restore Shoreline at Bay Beach Park

“Bay Beach is truly a jewel, not just with respect to Green Bay but our state as well.  Anyone who has spent time there knows how special a place it is for young and old alike to visit, relax and play. 


“Unfortunately, while there is much to do at Bay Beach Park, it’s been decades since swimming was allowed there.  Thanks to Governor Evers’ support we are closer to restoring the shoreline and providing a safe place for all to swim and enjoy the bay, one of our great natural assets.


“His announcement today to provide state funding to restore the shoreline is a reminder that state and local partnerships can make a difference in the quality of life for all Wisconsinites.  And his announcement means the state will help ensure that Bay Beach will remain an important part of our community and state for generations to come.”