GOP Budget Cuts Threaten School Success

MADISON – School districts face an uncertain future after Republican politicians cut $900 million from Governor Evers’ K-12 state budget that that sought to restore state investments in schools, special education services, and mental health care for students.


“The Republicans’ decision to cut investments in our classrooms will have a devastating impact on school districts that are still grappling from years of Republican education cuts,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “It’s disappointing that Republicans had no problem funding a multi-billion dollar giveaway to a foreign corporation but won’t invest in our students.”


On the Joint Finance Committee, Republicans rejected Governor Evers’ proposal to invest a total of $1.4 billion more into local classrooms. For the past ten years, special education funding has remained stagnant while the costs for these services have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, Republicans cut over $500 million in special education funding from Gov. Evers’ budget despite 74% of Wisconsin voters supporting the Democratic proposal. The Republicans’ failure to meet their obligation to public schools in Wisconsin forces local municipalities to fall further behind.


“Rather than defending tax giveaways for the wealthy and special interests, Republicans need to prioritize investments in Wisconsin’s children,” added Sen. Shilling. “Public schools are the heart of our communities and we need to make sure we are retaining quality teachers, investing in modern facilities, and meeting high education standards to give students the best opportunity to get ahead. Gov. Evers’ budget makes critical investments that will re-establish Wisconsin’s reputation as a leader in K-12 education and I’ll continue fighting for a more fair and equitable budget that reflects the will of the people.”