Erpenbach and Taylor Statement on Felzkowski/Bernier Medical Marijuana Proposal

MADISON - While we are happy to see that Republicans continue to recognize that Wisconsin lags behind over 30 states when it comes to legalizing medical cannabis, we fear LRB-5095/1 could prevent sick people from getting access to the medicine they need.

Earlier this year, we began working on a new medical cannabis bill with a bipartisan coalition whose goal was to allow Wisconsinites safe access to their medicine without fear of criminal prosecution. Taking the politics out of it, we built off of 10 years of experience introducing this bill and sought feedback from patients and advocates alike.

Senate Bill 507/Assembly Bill 570 is the product of those discussions and those years of work.

“Wisconsin lags behind the majority of states in offering needed medical relief through cannabis for those battling serious illness. Our bipartisan bill incorporates the needs of patients and prioritizes their right to access the health care they deserve,” said Rep. Taylor. “GOP leaders have the chance to put people and patients first by moving forward with our comprehensive, bipartisan bill, and I sincerely hope politics does not get in the way of the heath care needs of Wisconsin families yet again.”

“At some point, GOP leadership needs to realize that Wisconsin has quickly fallen behind.  Our neighboring states have legal cannabis in some form, and Wisconsin residents overwhelmingly support it for medical use.  We need to pass a medical cannabis bill that works best for our state and will give people access to the medicine they need,” said Sen. Erpenbach.  “Let’s get the discussion started and figure out a bill that works for Wisconsin, we need a public hearing, it’s the best next step.”