Democratic Members urge JFC Co-Chairs to hold vote on the ACA lawsuit


MADISON – On Thursday, Attorney General Josh Kaul sent a letter to JFC co-chairs Senator Darling and Representative Nygren requesting that Wisconsin withdraw from the Texas lawsuit seeking to strike down the Affordable Care Act. Today, the Democratic members of the Joint Committee on Finance sent a letter urging the Co-Chairs to convene the committee for a vote.


The lawsuit, supported by former Governor Walker and former Attorney General Schimel, seeks to dismantle the ACA, removing important health care protections for Wisconsinites; including coverage of pre-existing conditions and lifetime and annual limits on coverage.


“Wisconsinites have made it clear that they want access to affordable, quality health care. By forcing Attorney General Kaul to keep Wisconsin in a lawsuit that aims to strike down the health care protections contained in the ACA, Republicans are going against the will of Wisconsin voters,” said Erpenbach.


“Millions of Americans count on the pre-existing condition protections enshrined in the ACA. We must safeguard these protections for all Wisconsin families; participating in this misguided lawsuit puts too many of our neighbors at risk. It is time to listen to our community members by withdrawing from the lawsuit,” said Johnson.


“This lawsuit is completely contrary to the interests of the people of Wisconsin. It is a politically motivated stunt that will leave thousands of Wisconsinites stranded without access to comprehensive and affordable health care coverage. We need the ACA in place to protect all Wisconsinites, including those on plans governed by federal law that are offered by private employers. If my Republican colleagues were serious about providing real health care solutions for Wisconsinites they would stop their war on the ACA and allow AG Kaul to pull Wisconsin out of this horrible federal lawsuit,” said Taylor. 


“This should be the decision of our elected constitutional officers, but it comes to Joint Finance to withdraw from the ACA lawsuit because of the unprecedented partisan lame-duck session. We should listen to the majority of Wisconsinites, withdraw Wisconsin from the partisan political lawsuit, and send the clear message that health care coverage will be protected for all Wisconsinites,” said Goyke.