Weekly Democratic radio address:

Celebrating Black History Month

MADISON, WI – Senator LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee) offered the weekly Democratic radio address today.
The audio file of this week’s address can be found here: 

A written transcript of the address is below:




“I’m State Senator LaTonya Johnson.


“There is always reason to celebrate black excellence, but this black history month, I would like to take some extra time to honor the greatness of my fellow African Americans.


“In 1906, Lucien Palmer became the first African American elected into the Wisconsin Legislature. Years later, in 1978, Vel Phillips made history by becoming the first woman, and first African American to be elected secretary of state in Wisconsin. Representative Palmer and Judge Phillips’ dedication to improving Wisconsin inspires me to do the same. But Representative Palmer and Judge Phillips are only two amongst millions of African Americans enacting change and fighting against the inequities we face.


“Today, I encourage each and every one of you to join me in working to improve outcomes for our African American friends and neighbors, because in doing so we will improve the nation. As Wisconsin has some of the worst African American disparities in the country, we have a long way to go and a lot that must be accomplished. This month we will celebrate black history, but we must also look ahead to the future knowing that, standing side-by-side with one another, we can create the community that Lucien Palmer, Vel Phillips, and many others worked so tirelessly to achieve. 


Thank you.”