Weekly Democratic radio address:

A better way for Wisconsin

MADISON, WI – Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) offered the weekly Democratic radio address today.
The audio file of this week’s address can be found here: 

A written transcript of the address is below:

“This is state senator Chris Larson with the weekly radio address.

“After a special session head-fake that was suddenly called off, the legislature is now officially out of session. Like we have seen over the past eight years — with Republicans controlling the entirety of state government — this session ended with a GOP focused on a toxic and dysfunctional agenda of special interest giveaways, corporate pandering, and environmental destruction. While the new FoxConn fiasco eclipsed all else this session, it was part of the same agenda they have pursued since grabbing power which has consistently resulted in cuts to education that have never been restored, big giveaways of our tax dollars, and reckless rollbacks of environmental safeguards.

The last days in session saw this continue with the “Dark Store Loophole” left wide open which piles corporate property tax responsibility off their backs and onto ours. We also saw a defenseless abandonment of commonsense gun reform while our state’s youth watched on.

“On the good news front: due to the pressure from displeased neighbors, Republicans were forced to pass some bills offered by Democrats this session. This included the bill to close the scandal-plagued youth detention facility of Lincoln Hills and start the process of moving our kids closer to home.

Unfortunately, too many crisis were left to fester. We’ll continue to be mired in traffic jams as there was no plan to solve our road and infrastructure woes. And the ever widening opioid crisis still doesn’t have solutions proportional to the growing problem. It is my hope that when the new legislature meets next year, it will be with these core issues central in their focus and not as the afterthought they have become.”