Statement from Senator Hansen on GOP Power Grab


“Having been rejected by the voters, Scott Walker and his lackeys in the legislature are resorting to doing what they do best:  rigging the system any way they can for their own benefit and the benefit of their corporate donors at the expense of the people.


“True to form they hatched this scheme behind closed doors, sprang it on the public at the last possible minute and are now doing everything they can to ram it through before Governor-elect Evers and Attorney General-elect Kaul take office and before the public realizes what happened.


“The truth is that Scott Walker and the Republican Party do not believe in democracy.  They do not believe in bi-partisanship, respecting our system of government, fair play or the will of the people.  They believe in only one thing:  their own political power. 


“If any doubts remain after what we’ve witnessed over the last 8 years, tomorrow’s lame duck session should dispel them once and for all.”