Foxconn Folly Fueling Family Farmer Famine

Latest poll shows Wisconsin residents give GOP deal an “F”


MOUNT PLEASANT, WI – The largest state taxpayer funded giveaway to a foreign corporation in U.S. history has begun. As Republican officials joined President Trump for a ceremony marking the beginning of a foreign development project estimated to cost Wisconsin taxpayers over $4.5 billion, families across Wisconsin have grown increasingly concerned with rising costs, increased risks and broken promises.


“The cost to taxpayers has already increased 50 percent in the few short months since Foxconn was announced,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse). “While corporate CEOs and foreign investors take advantage of this $4.5 billion Republican tax giveaway, hardworking families and seniors across Wisconsin are being left behind. Farmers and small businesses in rural communities are being especially hard hit by the Foxconn tax giveaways as Republicans divert nearly $100 million in state funding away from local roads in order to accelerate Foxconn related projects."


Farming in Wisconsin is an $88.3 billion industry, yet Republican policies and reckless trade wars have hurt farm families by driving down commodity prices, limiting export opportunities and creating financial instability in the marketplace. Since Republicans took power in 2011, Wisconsin has lead the Midwest in farm bankruptcies and lost over 3,700 dairy farms – roughly 1.5 farms lost per day. 


“Families and seniors in every corner of the state are being stuck with a massive bill at a time when our schools, roads and communities are being shortchanged,” added Shilling. “Our roads are among the worst in the nation and we have thousands of bridges in need of repairs and upgrades. Many families in rural Wisconsin feel like they they’re being left behind by policies that increasingly favor large corporations and the wealthy. Our local farmers are more important to Wisconsin’s economy than any other single corporation and yet they continue to get the short end of the stick.”


The most recent Marquette Law School poll showed a majority of Wisconsin residents say the state is paying more for Foxconn than the project is worth. At $4.5 billion, the state taxpayer funded subsidy for Foxconn is the largest giveaway of its kind in U.S. history. An overwhelming majority of residents say it will not benefit workers and businesses in their community.