Erpenbach Introduces “Misty’s Law” Named for Black Lab Found Near Death in 2016

Madison - Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) introduced “Misty’s Law” today to increase protections for animals in Wisconsin.  In January of 2016, the story of Misty the dog captured the hearts of many in Wisconsin and around the country. The black lab was found abused and abandoned on the side of the road, zipped in a duffel bag and left for dead.

“Misty’s story inspired a movement called ‘Justice for Misty’, bringing awareness to the plight of abused and abandoned animals, and new legislation designed to deter animal abuse. I am honored to introduce Misty’s bill on their behalf,” said Senator Erpenbach.

Misty’s Law requires anyone conveying an animal to another person to first do a background check, prohibits a person from conveying an animal to someone who has been convicted of a crime against an animal, strengthens the punishments against someone that has been convicted of animal abuse, and requires anyone convicted of animal abuse to pay for the cost of caring for that animal.

“What started out as Justice for Misty so that the crime against her would not go unpunished, has become an entire movement for demanding stiffer laws and penalties against animal abusers. The entire Misty Strong Family has been behind this in lending their support. I could not have gotten this far without their encouragement. I will ALWAYS believe that Misty had a purpose in this life, she did not die in vain,” said Brenda Vesely, Misty’s Mom.

Senator Erpenbach noted without concern from a group of hunters in the area, Misty would have died at the side of the road. He also would like to thank Dr. Michael Cooper and the Columbia County Humane Society, who provided Misty care and the Vesely’s of Portage who fostered Misty in her final days in their home.