Erpenbach Calls on Governor to End Support of “Zero Tolerance”

Urges Walker to join eight other Governors in recalling National Guard Troops


The Trump Administration has been implementing its policy of arresting families and forcibly separating children from their parents since April.  In that period of time, an estimated 2,500 children have been placed in chain-link holding cells, away from their parents, creating life-long trauma.  Governor Scott Walker has committed Wisconsin National Guard Troops, to support this shameful policy.


“This isn’t upholding the law, this is a choice by the Trump Administration to cause lifelong trauma to parents and children,” said Erpenbach (D-Middleton). “Many of these families are seeking asylum in our country from brutal gangs and authoritarian regimes.  They think they will be safe in the greatest country in the world, only to be put through a parent’s worst nightmare.  Committing Wisconsin troops to support this policy, in any capacity, makes Governor Walker complicit in this trauma.”


Governor Walker stated in April that he welcomed President Trump’s “aggressive actions to secure our nation’s southern border.”  There are now eight governors, Republican and Democrat, that have recalled or refused to send their National Guard troops to support this new policy.