Erpenbach Amendment Protects People with Preexisting Conditions

Madison – Senator Jon Erpenbach introduced an amendment to AB 365 to ensure that if the bill receives action before the end of session, people with preexisting conditions will not lose rights. Governor Walker has called for passage of AB 365 but the bill, as amended by Assembly Republicans, falls short of the protections people already have in Federal law.


“Under the Affordable Care Act insurance companies cannot discriminate against those with preexisting conditions by charging them more or by refusing coverage simply because of who they are. We all know someone with asthma, someone over 50, someone with diabetes, someone with a food allergy; discrimination against people with preexisting conditions is wrong,” said Senator Jon Erpenbach. “Governor Walker’s plan will cost people more and drives them to expensive high risk plans unfairly.”


The substitute amendment, offered by Senator Erpenbach, would keep current law protections for individuals with preexisting conditions no matter what happens in Washington DC. The proposal from Governor Walker would allow insurance companies to charge more and force people with preexisting conditions into expensive higher risk pools.


“If Governor Walker was actually interested in protecting people with preexisting conditions, instead of election year gimmicks, he would have called for passage of SB 265 which codifies current Federal law protections into Wisconsin law,” said Erpenbach.