Democracy Wins in Wisconsin

Special elections called after Governor Walker’s attempts to undercut judicial system fail


MADISON, WI – After weeks of chaos and three court orders later, Governor Walker conceded, finally calling special elections in the 1st Senate District and 42nd Assembly District. The residents of these districts have been unrepresented in the legislature since December 29th when Rep. Keith Ripp and Sen. Frank Lasee were appointed to the Walker administration. Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) and Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) released the following statements:


“There is nothing more fundamental to our democracy than the right to vote. Despite Gov. Walker’s best attempts to block elections and deny 200,000 voters their constitutional right to representation, justice prevailed and the courts correctly ruled that Republicans can’t ignore the law,” said Sen. Shilling. “We’ve seen a significant shift in public opinion as voters have grown increasingly frustrated with a Republican agenda that favors foreign corporations and the wealthy over Wisconsin families and businesses.”


“Now more than ever, Wisconsinites are ready to advance solutions that move our state forward, and are tired of those in control of state government prioritizing special interests over people,” said Rep. Hintz. “Scott Walker’s attempts to undercut our judicial system and create chaos show just how intimidated he is by the voters of Wisconsin. The upcoming special elections are a win for the citizens of these districts and for democracy in our state.”