Weekly Democratic radio address:

Wisconsin Health Care Protection Package


MADISON, WI – Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) offered the weekly Democratic radio address today.
The audio file of this week’s address can be found here: 

A written transcript of the address is below: 


“Hi this is State Senator Jon Erpenbach a Democrat from Middleton.


“Access to affordable health care and the opportunities that come with a healthy life are important to our communities.


“But broken promises created by President Trump has caused anxiety in families all across Wisconsin and the nation. We all deserve fair access to health care no matter what happens in Washington DC. Governor Walker recently said that he would be open to dropping protections for people with pre-existing conditions, that’s not how we do things in Wisconsin. Democrats are not willing to risk the opportunities of a healthy life. That’s why we have introduced the Wisconsin Health Care Protection package.


“Our families deserve the security of knowing their insurance policy will cover them no matter what happens in life. Our Wisconsin Health Care Protection would safeguard families from being denied access, or charged more for health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. We would help protect Wisconsin families from financial ruin by prohibiting lifetime and annual limits.  And we would keep out-of-pocket health care costs down by requiring preventive services to be continued at no cost.


“We promote community health and economic security by requiring health insurance plans to cover essential health benefits, and to ensure that family planning patients are covered with state reimbursement because we value the health of everyone in all of our communities. If Republicans won’t keep their promises to the American people, Wisconsin Democrats WILL. Wisconsin Democrats will stand up for Wisconsin families and work hard to do the right thing.”